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Welcome to PattayaWeb.com

Currently, there is many advertising channel, but internet channel has the potential to reach your target group at a larger scale reaching out 24 hours days, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, to millions of people in Thailand and the rest of the World. Your target group can access your product/services straight from your website. This way of advertising is much cheaper and has the potential of a larger reach and considered to be the most reasonable form of advertising today.

Benefits of having a website

  • Expand your business with a new selling channel and access from all over the world.
  • Increase the status of your team and company to be an international business company.
  • Increase trust with your customers. The ability to send business card through email.
  • Access for your products and services 24 hours a day all over the world .
  • he ability to update your website by yourself anytime.
  • Providing unlimited amount of information about your products and services through your website.
  • The cheapest way of advertising and providing information of your products and services, starting at Baht 3,600 a year, which is a lot lesser than print, television , etc ..
  • The fastest way to communicate to anyone around the world with email, which is faster and cheaper than international long distance calls, fax, and post and also saving on printing and ink and the ability to read and write emails at anytime.
  • The ability to provide newsletter through email to your customers lists and interested customers with ease.
  • 24 hours support system from our team to maintain your website and solve any technical problems.
  • Everyone can access your website from anywhere in the world at anytime, which means you are open for business 24 hours day without a single holiday.
  • Solve the problem of hiring personal with the website working on its own.
  • And many more advantages.

STARTING A WEBSITE SERVICE: The cost start with 300 a month or 10 baht a day. You will get your personal email under the website of your company. This is a very small cost in increasing your company status and providing the tools to conducting your business. In this fast moving world, it is now impossible not to accept this technology.

We also provide our service in consultation, designing and updating your website, e-commerce, shopping cart and in starting an online business. For those who are interested but do not have enough knowledge about the internet, we provide our provide our service before the start right to the completion of your system.

We also maintain and upgrade your website for you.

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